4th PyroMusical Competition

(4th Philippine International PyroMusical Competition – AU vs CN)

So right after we went to Tagaytay, Byce asked me out again—to attend the 4th Philippine PyroMusical Competition, held at the SM Mall of Asia. The very first time I’ve attended (or watched rather) the PyroMusical competition was way back in 2010 if I’m not mistaken, with my high school friend Anne (who happens to be Byce’s bestfriend’s girlfriend) and ate Freya (Elise’s, my high school friend as well, older sister) and kuya Allan (ate Freya’s husband).

Again, Byce and I met up at Jollibee (what’s with Jollibee?) and a surprise! We were both wearing gray shirts and we didn’t plan about it. And somehow I love Byce’s body spray, to the point that I’ve pressed my face onto his chest to sniff off the scent. What a bold move that made Byce backed off a little out of shock? Dear Jesus me… :s Sometimes my actions scares me afterwards for not thinking first.

(Bottom left: world’s largest crocodile; Lolong. Top and bottom right: me and Byce inside the Digital Planetarium Theater.)

(Me and Byce posing with the shark inside the Science Discovery Center)

This post is waiting to be published. XD

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