Colors to your nails

Ever wondered whence the last time you polish your nails with different colors? Mine, I can’t exactly remember when. As an artist, I do love to mingle with colors, especially the complicated ones… like turquoise, cayenne or something else way too out of the main color chart. And with that, I love nail polishes. u///u But I think it’s not easy for others to polish their nails—way to go lefty or way to go rightly.

(Here comes my new colors)

Speaking of this last time, I think it’s about three or four years ago? The reason why I kind of lost track updating my nail like the way I used to is not because that I don’t like it anymore, or I got bored out of sanity… it’s probably because I didn’t have the time to fix it myself or that my nail kit and colors are all dry. Pfft—or maybe I got lazy to do so. No, I just don’t have the time. When things in life hits you out of nowhere, sometimes your college hobby to yourself just fades away without notice. And so we are forgetting things like this.

I’ve been looking for these colors since the first time I laid those wet brushes on my nails. How lucky of me to find them when me and my husband were doing shopping four hours ago. I didn’t resist, and I even asked my husband which of them is prettier. He chose the greenish one, but since I love both colors, I got the blue one as well. And so, here comes the alternating colors of my nails. ❤

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