Happy 23rd~!

So today is our 23rd monthsary, yes… we’re a month away from our 2nd anniversary as boyfriends/girlfriends and 20 days away from our 1st anniversary as husband and wife. And—before we go to the creamylicious part, early this morning we’ve heard something quite epic from the national TV news. It’s the day’s horoscope. XD I’m still a bit groggy since my husband just woke me up to have breakfast when I heard this flash about horoscope. My husband is a Taurus and his horoscope reads:

“You have to gush out a quite sum of money, otherwise a certain beloved will mope.”

Why such a coincidence? It’s our monthsary and his horoscope reads as that. Hahah LOL, we both laughed when we heard it actually. It’s like not everyday you’d hear something like that especially in a special event.

Since it’s our monthsary, there’s always a present. My beloved husband buys a chocolate cake every monthsary, at least to have something during our celebration as couples. ❤ We used to take pictures together with the cake (either me carrying it or him, whichever we think of), but this time it’s a little different.

(Baby Loki with our 23rd cake)

See what I mean? There goes our little angel about to maul over our precious cake. He doesn’t seem quite happy about the cake, in fact, he looks clueless about what’s happening. Why was he even there in the dining table with a cake and his father taking pictures of him? XD Heh, at least we have something new this time of the year.

(Left: quite a family picture. Top right: with uncle Jessie)

(He’s being harassed by his parents XD)

That’s a bundle of joy, I think? 😉 I’m really happy to have a family, a cute baby boy who loves to smile when you talk to him, and a very loving, kind, caring, crazy husband. Best part of my life so far~! /bye

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