My new workplace + The diaper baby

My brother have to get his computer monitor back and I had to give my computer’s AVR to him since he doesn’t have one. So I was left with only a keyboard, a CPU and a mouse. But that problem was solved. Early this morning, I told my husband that I’m gonna sabotage the entire living room, making our 32-inches TV my monitor. :3 It’s quite big actually that I’m thinking to have a larger table so I’d be a bit far from the TV. It will make my drawing and designing a lot more easier since the canvas will be much more wider.

And it will be much fun to play DDR with that huge monitor from now on, we’ll see the arrows clearly and the dance floor is big enough to fit three dance pads. >w<

And before I forget, I have yet another batch of Adorables to include. I forgot to blog this on the exact date from the picture. My husband and I played with our little angel with his diaper. It’s a bit addictive to have a baby that you could put anything to them because they couldn’t resist or do something about the crazy stuff you’re doing to them. ❤ It’s a good thing that our baby boy is not getting irritated with the funny or crazy things we do to him.

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