Interview Volume 1

Originally posted on 18th December 2009 from the deviantART group H2, this is the first major interview that I had thus far. The experience about being asked something random or about yourself is really cool and I enjoyed the very bit of it.

Last Updated: 30th October 2018

Q. Why Hidaka?
A. I first created an account here in dA which is jenjii, but then ten days after from not logging in I forgot jenjii’s password. I chose Hidaka as my second name for my second account when I first heard the name Hidaru but it never came to my mind that the name Hidaka would sound girly.

Q. What age were you when you entered the realms of dA?
A. I started lurking on dA around early 2004 and I was 16.

Q. How did you come to know about dA?
A. I was browsing art-related pictures for inspiration and motivation when I found dA on the internet. I didn’t join the community back then until a friend of mine encouraged me to join dA so that I could publish my works online.

Q. Why are you somewhat psychopath-inspired?
A. Aside from the fact that I am a psychopath myself (don’t take it the wrong way lol) is because I was introduced to morbid horror movies at a very young age. Also I find psychopaths and sadists amusing like they might be severely mentally ill but I can sense that they have this intellect in able to think of gruesome ways to torture or kill their victims.

Q. Why did you get addicted to anime?
A. I’ve been kinda addicted to anime when I first watched Dragonball, Rurouni Kenshin and could you imagine that I even watched Sailormoon when I was a kid? I mean, come on, who wouldn’t love Tuxedo Kamen? XD I know it’s funny but yes, I did watch Sailormoon when I was I don’t know, 4 or 5 years old I think?

Q. What is your favorite anime?
A. My favorite anime is of course, Rurouni Kenshin. I love the way how Nobuhiro Watsuki created the character Kenshin Himura from a stubborn kid who became an assassin then decided to choose a different path away from being an assassin as the resolve for his actions. The story, the time, the twists, it’s just pure awesomeness.

Q. Are you a music-lover?
A. YES! I am a music lover to the point that I can’t sleep well if I hear no music. If I have my music on and somebody tried to turn it off or turn it down, I’d wake in an instant. Another reason maybe is because the members of my family are all music-lovers.

Q. Favorite song?
A. I have a lot of favorite songs, mostly are rock and j-rock. The top one in my list is Ibara no Namida by L`Arc~en~ciel followed by either Umibe or Hitomi no Juunin. And if I were to choose one from all of my favorites, there would be none because I listen to them most of the time. XD

Q. How did you get interested in digital art?
A. I got interested in digital art when I finally got the gist of the Adobe Photoshop world. And to sum that up, I got inspired by digital artists and digital painters on deviantART. But I somewhat find digital art as one of the pain in the ass especially if you don’t own a tablet. Like traditional art, digital arts also need dedication, patience and patience.

Q. Do you read a lot?
A. Oh I am a Booksale tard XD. Yes, I read books and I kinda happen to collect them. Sadly, I am not done reading the books I bought last February and they’re like seven books that I bought from Booksale. And then, I also read magazines such as National Geographic (I watch it on TV too), Time Magazine, Newsweek and such. When it comes to manga and comics, I am very picky. I want to read mangas that interests me of course, and catchy too.