People who are especially talented in the Individualization theme are intrigued with the unique qualities of each person. They have a gift for figuring out how people who are different can work together productively.

What makes you stand out?[1]
Driven by your talents, you exhibit a capacity for discovering the unique qualities of people. You routinely observe their strengths, limitations, likes, dislikes, interests, hopes, or emotional triggers. Armed with this information, you can mix and match the personalities and strengths of various individuals. When they cooperate, they usually reach their common goals more quickly, efficiently, or easily. Chances are good that you may update certain individuals about current events. Sometimes you are the person who obtains the latest information about school-related activities, changes in the organization, or breaking news from around the world.

By nature, you frequently examine the factors leading up to an event. Therein you discover the reasons why things happened the way they did. A number of individuals and/or groups probably appreciate your logical thinking style. Because of your strengths, you naturally enjoy watching people. In the process, you often discover what makes each individual truly unique and special.

You are a student of humankind who is curious about the backgrounds and interests of each person. Instinctively, you frequently marvel at how good your life is. Favorable feelings flood over you when you determine how diverse individuals can better cooperate with one another. You are happy when you can figure out how they can be more productive. You are delighted when people begin to appreciate each other’s talents, knowledge, and skills.

How can a person with Individualization turn this talent into strength?[2]

  1. Become an Expert in Describing Your Own Style
    One of the valuable things worth collecting for those with Input is usually feedback from people. Getting feedback from people not only presents greater opportunities for learning, but it also creates and avenue for blind spots to be discovered and tackled. This leads to personal growth.We can intentionally ask for feedback from people we work closely with or people we have lots of interaction with. The more frequent the feedback, the more productive a person with Input can become. In a team, Leaders with Input will also do well to gather feedback before proceeding in key decisions. Gathering feedback and making sure people are heard is a powerful way for leaders with Input to build a trusting relationship with others.
  2. Help Your Friends and Colleagues Find Their Unique Styles
    Because those with the Individualization StrengthsFinder theme are intuitively attuned to the unique characteristics of each person, they would do well to help others become aware of their own unique needs and talents. For example, they could ask their colleagues and friends the same questions mentioned above, then help them plan their future by starting with their strengths and designing a future based on what they do best. Plus, when working in a team or interacting with friends, those with the Individualization talent theme could help their colleagues and friends become aware of each person’s unique motivations and needs.
  3. Seek Complementary Partnerships
    Partner those with Consistency
    People with Consistency are keenly aware of the need to treat people the same, no matter what their station is in life, so as to ensure equality. They are gifted in making judgments that are fair to everyone involved, and can therefore develop policies and procedures that help maintain the integrity of the organization in moving forward. People with Individualization, on the other hand, tend to customize their approaches as they believe that everyone has different needs and preferences. Such a partnership would empower those with Individualization to create a system that is personalized for the people it supports, while at the same time ensuring fairness for all.

    Partner those with Includer
    People with Includer are naturally accepting of individuals from a diverse range of nationalities, religions, and cultures. Their desire is to include as many different voices as possible, as they firmly believe in the value that each and every voice brings to the table. In contrast, people with Individualization instinctively notice and appreciate the unique strengths of each person, and can see how different members of the team would complement each other. They are also talented in understanding how different people might or might not be able to work together well. This partnership would thus encourage those with Individualization to build partnerships, teams, and groups that could work together effectively.

    Partner those with Harmony
    People with Harmony are talented in helping groups avoid areas of contention and find common ground. They believe that conflict and friction are unproductive, and are gifted in enhancing collaboration within groups. People with Individualization, on the other hand, tend to put together teams consisting of members of contrasting but complementary talents. Because of their differences, this sometimes leads to conflicts within teams. Through such a partnership, those with the Individualization talent theme are empowered to create greater synergy within interdependent teams uniquely suited to complete their missions.

Concluding thoughts
Truly, those with the Individualization StrengthsFinder theme are extraordinary individuals, able to pick out what sets each person, team, or even industry apart from others. While sometimes misunderstood and mislabeled as “over-customizers,” particularly if this talent theme is in its infancy stage, those with Individualization should be treasured for their ability to identify and celebrate the diversity found in humankind.

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