People who are especially talented in the Intellection theme are characterized by their intellectual activity. They are introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions.

What makes you stand out?[1]
By nature, you usually give good advice. Often people’s questions dictate your choice of reading materials. Whether you are studying something for the first time or revisiting a topic to refresh your memory, you enjoy reading. Making discoveries that can help others brings you much joy. It’s very likely that you are the type of person who maps out trips, projects, or agendas well ahead of time. Your detailed preparation usually involves a lot of reading. Fortunately, you devour the printed word with the same passion that someone heartily interested in food savors a delicious meal.

Driven by your talents, you usually feel upbeat about your life when you engage in mentally stimulating conversations with people who are curious or smart. Instinctively, you find the quality of your life improves greatly when you remove yourself from the world’s noise and distractions. Peace and quiet usually allow you to examine your thoughts, feelings, or past deeds more deeply.

Because of your strengths, you believe you make great strides mentally when you have opportunities to exchange ideas, theories, or concepts with intelligent people. You delight in accumulating unusual insights. Often you expand on these thoughts. You probably are eager to test them during conversations with other intelligent individuals. This is one way you broaden your knowledge base.

How can a person with Intellection turn this talent into strength?[2]

  1. Practice putting your thoughts into plain language
    The genius of the Intellection theme is in their ability to think deeply about situations, projects, and issues. Yet because of the depth of thought and command of language they bring to the table, they can often be intimidating to those with lesser talents in this theme. It would therefore be helpful for them to practice putting their thoughts into plain language so that others can better understand their thinking. For example, whenever they have insights they would like to share with others, it would be helpful to have a process by which they identify any outcomes they would like to achieve by sharing their insights, or perhaps find stories that would help people better relate to their points.
  2. Identify like-minded peers you can converse with
    People with the Intellection StrengthsFinder talent theme do not feel threatened whenever others challenge their thinking. On the contrary, they feel stimulated by it, as they take it as a sign that others are giving consideration to their thoughts. In fact, whenever they find like-minded peers who are able to engage with them in intellectual conversations, they enjoy these exchanges and find themselves energized by the discussions.

    It would thus be helpful for those with the Intellection theme to find a group of friends—though not necessarily all in the same group—with whom they can engage in intellectual discussions. These conversations will excite them and sharpen their thinking.

  3. Seek Complementary Partnerships
    Partner those with Activator
    People with Activator have a powerful ability to translate thought to action. They bring energy and momentum to their relationships and workplaces. In contrast, people with Intellection are energized by the process of thinking. They bring depth of thought to conversations and feel stimulated when they are tasked to think through projects well. Partnering an Activator would push those with the Intellection theme to act on their thoughts and ideas, thus not letting great ideas stagnate in the think tank while also allowing projects to move forward intelligently.

    Partner those with Communication
    People with Communication are talented in finding the right words to make their messages come alive. They’re externally focused, and they love sharing stories and ideas with people. In contrast, those with the Intellection talent theme are internally focused and tend to introspect a lot. Such a partnership encourages those with Intellection to find the best ways of communicating their insights to others, thus sparking intellectual conversations and stimulating their thinking as well as that of the people around them.

    Partner those with Focus
    People with Focus enjoy zooming in on their overarching goals to make sure that every decision they make is aligned with the overall direction they want for their lives. The genius of the Focus theme is in their ability to concentrate intensely on a task or direction, thus enhancing the speed and quality of their performance. In contrast, people with Intellection enjoy asking questions and processing information and data, examining issues from multiple angles. This partnership encourages those with Intellection to focus their ability to think deeply and thoroughly on the overarching goals they have for their work or lives.

Concluding thoughts
People with the Intellection StrengthsFinder theme bring a depth of understanding and wisdom to their workplaces and relationships. Because they need time to process, they may sometimes appear aloof and distant even when they’re sitting right opposite from you. However, this does not mean that they’ve disconnected from you; rather, it is more likely that they’re simply thinking through something that was just said. So when engaging with someone with Intellection, be prepared to give them time and space to think—they will appreciate the latitude, and your conversations will be all the richer for it!

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