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About Lakambini

Lakambini is the Filipino word which means muse or princess. Lakambini (@LakambiniTales) is simply a personal blog about anything general, which includes book reviews, travels, anime fangirling, gaming and much more that can be randomized.

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About the Blogger

“Just keep moving forward and don’t give a shit about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do, for you.” — Johnny Depp

Hi, you can call me by my online handle; Aki—yoroshiku! I’ve been using this online handle since 2009, along-side with my masculine alter ego (yes, there is such a thing); hidaka.

My friends usually call me Domz (and no, my name is not Dominique). I am a going-to-30 Filipina who loves writing, books, the Internet, games and anime. I’m quite an indoor type of person, so I would rarely post any travel-related entries. I previously own before, which I proudly owned for six years.

The kanji for a (あ) means “bright, light”
The kanji for ki (キ) means “spirit, mind”

I’ve been blogging since late 2007, where my earlier posts focuses mostly about my website updates and some random rants about life in general. Ever since I’ve been in a relationship with my ex-boyfriend (now husband XD) way back in 2013, I’ve somehow neglected blogging. I was pretty much preoccupied that time, well, I still am, to forget blogging about my highlights. So I’ll have a pretty long way to catch up.

With my ongoing plan to revive my hibernating blog, I’ve decided to add some book reviews about my selected books as I’ve never done this before when I started blogging even though I’ve been reading books since early 2000s.