Her Wardrobe

This page is not about clothes or anything alike. I simply chose the word wardrobe for anything or anyone that I love or hate—like how you pile up your new and old clothes inside your wardrobe. This page will be updated whenever something new has been added to my current list. 😉

Crossed-out – least favorite
Highlighted – most favorite/loved
Underlined – most hated/disliked

Last Updated: 18th November 2019


PeopleReiji Basty Bautista, Rayley Loki Bautista, Ryan John Bautista, Johnny Depp, HYDE (Hideto Takarai), @Tastefortales, Maksim Mrvica, honest and straight-forward, smart and mysterious, white skin, babies, eye colors (specifically purple, blue, gray and hazel), creativity, sensitivity, beauty, humor, memories

Anime/Manga/GamesSebastian Michaelis, Shizuo Heiwajima, Kaname Kuran, Tennis no Oujisama, Kunimitsu Tezuka, L Lawliet, Deathnote, Kisuke Urahara, Shinji Hirako, bishounens, anime and manga (general), Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Fatal Frame Series, Ragnarok Online, games (general), puzzles, mysteries, Silent Hill series, Fushigi Yuugi, Hunter x Hunter, Rurouni Kenshin

Foods/Drinks – spicy pepperoni/supreme pizza, chocolates, marshmallows, Koko Crunch, fresh milk, barbecue, fish balls, kikiam, coffee, strawberries, pomelo, sugar, cotton candies, mangoes, tomatoes, noodles

Animals – cats, border collies, tigers, butterflies

Hobbiesdrawing, painting, writing, singing, writing poems, reading books, watching people dance, taking pictures of cosplayers, star gazing, cross stitching, walking in the street at night, playing badminton, running away from flying cockroaches (I never want to encounter one!), torturing cockroaches, wearing/buying jackets, randomizing

Items/Locations/Places – Dr.Marten’s 1460s, hats (specifically vintage, knitted, top hat, chikara hat), plushies, colored pencils, toys, perfumes, nail polishers, park, accessories, abandoned mansions, cities,

Musicians/Bands – L`Arc~en~ciel, UVERworld, Utada Hikaru, Ai Otsuka, ONE OK ROCK, Nirvana

Films/AnimationsPirates of the Caribbean, Underworld, Home, Wall-E, I am Sam, Howl’s Moving Castle, How to Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter

Nature/Mythology/Others – nature (general), beach, lightning, cold weather, flowers, moon, stars, rain, rainbow, Lucifer, architecture, angels and demons, Nihongo, revelations, history, classic music, orchestra band, theater plays, feathers


Cockroaches, mental block, socialites, noisy children, people that don’t listen, people talking in a loud voice, impatience, superiority, insensitivity, snobbers, crowds in general, cold-hearted men, being late, broken promises, summer, being misunderstood, drugs, smokes and cigarettes, parties, thunder, silence, being disappointed, disappointment, any kind of loud noise, mosquitoes, politics, gossips and rumors, things that are too expensive, being touched by strangers, sarcasm, people snooping into my stuff without my permission, people who don’t mind their own business, exposure in general, people who give up so easily, spasm, high-and-mighty people, loitering, fruit shake, constipation, racist, dullness, poverty, heat, prostitution, idiocies, inconsideration, stalkers, egocentric people, art thief, too much sanity, people who could only think about is money and getting rich, snakes, obsession, sickness, lost chance, heart breakers, war and disorder, tragic stories.