Random Facts

This is the random facts about me which will be updated anytime when something pops up in my head. Strange and weird things for you can be seen here but it is perfectly normal for me. Maybe I just don’t think and act normally.

Last Updated: 30th October 2018

  1. I get bored easily.
  2. I have an endless imagination.
  3. I have a photographic and tape-recorder memory.
  4. I behave not in accordance of my age.
  5. I’ve pronounced the word guidance as gu-i-dan-si. (what an idiot?)
  6. I hate being compared to someone that’s not in the right way.
  7. I’m picky about friends but the ones I have are close to me.
  8. I’m unaware that dolphins are harmful.
  9. My mind has limited capacity for useless information and things.
  10. I’m easily disturbed.
  11. I am paranoid.
  12. I wish I could go to some flower fields.
  13. I love blood splats and trickling blood.
  14. Seeing someone I do not know being killed is quite terrifying.
  15. I believe super heroes do not exist.
  16. I believe in angels, demons, ghosts, spririts, fairies, dwarves and elves.
  17. I love cats, tigers, dogs, butterflies, dragonflies, doves and horses.
  18. I’m a person who is addicted to sugar and sweets.
  19. I love writing a lot (stories, poetry, prose and even songs).
  20. My friends says that I’m kind and approachable.
  21. I consider web designing as my way of killing boredom.
  22. I am wise.
  23. I love surprises and I love surprising everyone.
  24. My excellent talent as of now is drawing and writing.
  25. My tormented brain loves a lot of mental pressures.
  26. I hate dolls like there is no tomorrow.
  27. I love mind games and puzzles a lot.
  28. I’m often misunderstood.
  29. I can type without even looking at the keyboard.
  30. I can write without looking at the paper.
  31. I hate cockroaches and I love torturing them to death.
  32. I’m a perfectionist.
  33. I’m a nocturnal person.
  34. I’ve been called a vampire.
  35. I’m a J-rocker because I like UVERworld, L`Arc~en~ciel and HYDE.
  36. I hate to say stupid things but I say stupid things.
  37. My sense of taste is too sensitive.
  38. I have eaten 300 pieces of 1″x1″ sized marshmallows in 6 hours.
  39. I only do things that I’m interested.
  40. I bite, suck and chew my thumb unconsciously.
  41. I’m cold to strangers.
  42. I throw anything that is near to me whenever I get horrified.
  43. I kick anything solid to calm myself.
  44. I hate it when people opens my Magic Box without my permission.
  45. I like loud music but I hate noise.
  46. I do not like annoying children.
  47. I have a good sense of humor.
  48. I have a different kind of wisdom.
  49. I’m a lunatic.
  50. I realized that vanilla syrup doesn’t taste as sweet as its name.
  51. I love Math and anything that needs solving, critical thinking or analysis.
  52. I’m currently in stage of poverty nowadays.
  53. I’m not easily read by the many.
  54. I have now 546 dice in my Magic Box.
  55. I think reality can be found somewhere in my heart.
  56. I will know the truth from myself.
  57. I speak Nihongo when I’m frightened or shocked.
  58. I have the biggest size of a stuffed bear from Bear Cuddler. (Thanks, ex hahah.)
  59. I have a bunch of National Geographic magazines of different issues in my room.
  60. I’m a wish taker.
  61. I visit important friends in my dreams.
  62. I play stupid to fight someone stupid.
  63. I’m not easily fooled.
  64. I believe in reincarnation.
  65. I hate crowded places where you can no longer walk properly… especially parties.
  66. I cannot live without food, pencils and papers beside me.
  67. I hate the dollar($) sign because it reminds me that it is expensive.
  68. I have a nendoroid L doll that I bought from Tokyo Kids.
  69. I can fire a gun.
  70. I love darkness.
  71. Lucifer is my brother and my best friend.
  72. I’ve stayed up 98 hours thrice.
  73. I never ever smoked or done drugs in my life and I will not even try.
  74. I’m a heavy eater but I never get fat.
  75. I’m simple and open-minded.
  76. I don’t judge people so don’t fear me because I don’t bite.
  77. I fear God but I’m not religious.
  78. I love looking at the sky and star gaze at night.
  79. I can be slow sometimes and very very slow if I’m in the stage of idiocy.
  80. I love the book of Genesis and the Revelation.
  81. I am highly competitive and hates to lose.
  82. I always share stories.
  83. I’m intellectual but I’m lazy studying academic subjects.
  84. I have extremely intense interest to a particular thing.
  85. I have extreme food preferences.
  86. I stare blankly at nothingness most of the time.
  87. I have a lot of over sensitivities (taste, hearing, touch, sight, smell).
  88. I pay attention to small and seemingly insignificant details.
  89. I have constant analysis of meanings behind behaviors/displayed emotions of others.
  90. I seemed oblivious to the internal emotional concerns and states of others.
  91. I am unpredictable.
  92. I am a deep thinker.
  93. I am dense.
  94. I’m a very moody person.
  95. I’m a fan of morbid, horror, puzzled anime.
  96. I’m a unique type of comedian.
  97. I’ve slipped out “LOL” in an spoken conversation.
  98. I believe in miracles.
  99. I love labyrinths.
  100. I’m amazed when seeing a ruined or old castle or mansion.
  101. I am an angel.
  102. I speak in riddles.
  103. I have a bunch of pillows in my room.
  104. I like hiding in someone’s closet.
  105. I love challenges in life.
  106. I appreciate everything that God has given me.
  107. I find angels are too hot and beautiful.
  108. I am a certified low-tech bastard.
  109. I forgive but I never forget.
  110. I can sing and I can dance but I’m not doing it in front of others.
  111. I love the ocean and the sky.
  112. I bury some of my important things somewhere else.
  113. I listen to one particular music countless times in a day.
  114. I’ve got lost in a mall once.
  115. I’m a collector of “junks”.
  116. I think internet is the same as drugs.
  117. I’m difficult to convince.
  118. I’m an easy-goer but I take things seriously.
  119. I love pressures.
  120. I’m a mysterious person.
  121. I’ve fainted inside my bathroom twice in a day.
  122. I believe that eyes are the mirror of one’s soul.
  123. I do what I like and I do it honestly.
  124. Children finds me funny especially babies because they smile when they see me. -_-
  125. I like psychopaths. LMAO!
  126. I keep tissue papers from Starbucks.
  127. I can sense things.
  128. I like when people judge me especially when they are wrong.
  129. I’ve worn glasses but I haven’t worn contacts.
  130. I’m amazed with digital arts but traditional arts still awestruck me.
  131. I’m in love with Photoshop but Photoshop don’t love me.
  132. I believe that sleep deprivation can damage our brain.
  133. I’ve cheated on my quiz once.
  134. I’ve pointed a real gun at someone when I was four years old.
  135. I am poetic.
  136. I help people who are in need.
  137. I am a busybody.
  138. I am a procrastinator.
  139. I am a multitasking human being.
  140. I look towards the future rather than the present.
  141. I voice out my opinion when necessary.
  142. I do and fight for what I think is right.
  143. I don’t want to get aggravated.
  144. I don’t care about how I look.
  145. I’ve been told I’m attractive by a complete stranger.
  146. I’ve fallen asleep at work/school countless times.
  147. I’ve laughed so hard I’ve cried.
  148. I’ve glued my hand to something.
  149. I’ve gone out in public in my pajamas.
  150. I’ve pushed all the buttons in an elevator.
  151. I hate hearing songs that sacrifice meaning for the sake of being able to rhyme.
  152. I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life.
  153. I like horror movies.
  154. I treasure my friends.
  155. I think of others before myself.
  156. I love sweets.
  157. I believe that blackholes exist.
  158. I’ve played a prank on someone.
  159. I believe that Bermuda Triangle is haunted.
  160. I am not afraid of the dark.
  161. I am keeping a secret from the world. LOL!
  162. My daydream vacation site would be a haunted house.
  163. I have a big aim in life.
  164. I have dark circles around my eyes.
  165. I am a total failure at love. *rofl*
  166. I would do anything for my friends.
  167. I love to wear pajamas.
  168. I have a lot of abilities using my hands. *paranoid*
  169. I love fruits.
  170. I don’t take sides in an argument.
  171. I do stupid things that sometimes benefits others.
  172. I slipped on the ground… countless times.
  173. I bite plates when I’m bored.
  174. I iron money… an OCD I think.
  175. My biological parents are together. Thank God.
  176. I’ve had my pants rip in public. =_=
  177. I’ve told someone I loved them when I didn’t.
  178. I’ve told someone I didn’t love them when I did.
  179. I twirl my hair with my finger.