The Library

Have I ever mentioned that I’m kind of a bookworm? If I haven’t yet, that’s probably because I’m not that 100% bookworm geek. I only read books that caught my attention, and I only buy books when I have the budget. So if there’s some book that I wanted to read but I don’t have the money for it, I do try the ebook versions—and probably buy it when I get the chance.

Let’s have a look at my current bookshelf listing categorized by authors. Technically I’m kind of missing some books because they are either being borrowed and I haven’t seen them since or they’ve been kept in those dozens of boxes upstairs and I’m too lazy to look for them there. XD ‘Coz I don’t really have this decent bookshelf since I’ve started reading, the books I had before were scattered and kept in boxes along with magazines.

My library is currently under heavy construction. There are a few more books and authors waiting to be added here, but I will do my best to add them all up here. 🙂